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Searching for security cameras or a security system professional to install and service locally? With the current market flooded with providers, it is difficult to decide on one company to choose. We also understand there are many options out there such as DIY (do it yourself) security cameras and alarm systems. We install in both residential homes and businesses and will exceed your expectations from initial contact to post-installation service. Chicago Security Systems offer alert protective services to protect small business, large enterprise commercial customers, as well as homeowners. From a basic alarm system like an ademco alarm, to wireless security cameras, video doorbell, smoke detection, even electronic door locks, we can handle it all!
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Home and Business Security Solutions - (844) 943-2435

Safehome home security cameras provide ultimate surveillance coverage, helping you to monitor and protect your home, family and property.

Industries We Serve

We provide full electronic and physical security for a variety of industries

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Your Local Security Provider, We proudly serve many cities near Chicago, and across Illinois

Security Guard Services

Choose from a variety of security services: from single use to continued ongoing protection

Security Cameras

Monitor your home or property using our reliable mobile applications and cameras

Commercial Systems

We specialize in professional installation of electronic protection systems from 1 standalone camera all the way up to hundreds of cameras integrated with door access control, HVAC, lighting control, video analytics, and many other automated systems you find in commercial buildings. If you’re looking for wireless & wifi cameras, wired CCTV cameras, residential/home or a business/commercial system we can help you out where you need it. Be sure to also ask us about our armed guard security guard service. With regards to anchoring your home, everybody normally needs quality and dependability, however great esteem is a vital factor as well, particularly on the grounds that the expense of these frameworks can include after some time. However, these days, significant serenity comes much less expensive and simpler than it used to. Also, most home security organizations presently have grasped the most recent home mechanization advances and are consolidating.

Residential Homes

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We understand the need for automation and security at home. Even with many people working from home, or telecommuting, its a good plan to have a system in place for automated door entry/locking, carbon monoxide detection, smoke detection, garage door opener, HVAC control, lighting control, and remote arm/disarming of the alert alarm system while you are away. We are an authorized independent dealer provider of ADT security services for Safe Streets so we can offer great monitoring services with the industry leader. ADT has been around for over 140 years and continues to be the leader in the security space. With mobile access right from your phone, you are able to monitor your home for temperature, lighting, cameras, alarm status, and door entry. With today’s tools not only empowering business owners, you can now keep tabs on your home with piece of mind. Our family and pets are the most important things in our lives, so when you are away you can be assured that ADT is always there to alert you when there is an issue. Whether its a burglary, or just a teenage child coming home after school, text and email alerts make it easy to view clips, snapshots, or just a quick description of the notification.

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance has come a long way with making the business owner’s job much easier by automating many tasks. Gone are the days of having a guard service sit and watch a bank of cameras, now the video management software can only alert you when you need it to. Alleviating a lot of overhead cost associated to armed guard services and additional manpower needed to man the old analog CCTV camera systems. The ability to detect an intrusion or intruder becomes automated even with the most basic of systems. Just having the system in place, along with signage, allows you to deter potential threats from even occurring. If something does happen, you have the ability to document that crime or activity in high detail and efficiency. Deter Detect Document.

Cyber Security - (844) 943-2435

Cyber Security is a hot button these days and we understand that your data should be held to the utmost highest standards. All our systems run on the network and will never interfere with your day-to-day operations of the business. Its not just a surveillance or alarm system, its having the ability to increase the efficiency of various business processes such as:
  • Thermal heat reading to determine popular areas in a retail setting or body temperature for sickness
  • People counting to determine busy times and when you should staff more people
  • Wait time monitoring to alert you when a customer is waiting in line too long
  • Automatic system machine learning allows alerts for out of the ordinary activity​

Locally Owned Small Business

We are located in the Chicagoland area but can service and support customers nationwide! Most customers do not realize that most loss in business occurs from internal employees. Traditionally we are not only watching and alerting when there is a break-in or external threat, but allowing you to keep an eye on operations internally so business can run efficiently while minimizing losses occurring from theft and negligence. Safeguarding your assets is important, so protecting and safeguarding your employees from harm should be part of your contingency plan.


Automation is an increasing demand for both homeowners and business owners alike. In the days of old, it was always about alarms, then came cameras, then access control. Now, we are in a new era where automating certain functions of the business or home is a native system function. In a home for example, incorporating your garage door opener to your security system phone app can subtract one less item to carry around. Then adding in your lighting and HVAC control to your phone app adds even more convenience. You can remote lock/unlock doors to your home when someone forgot their key or passcode. Its just combining all these little day-to-day processes into one streamlined system to be able to make your life easier. For businesses, you could incorporate facial recognition analytics into your video surveillance/CCTV software. What this can allow you to do is automatically open a door if that person is authorized. When someone walks up to the door, it instantly detects who that person is by cross-referencing their facial features across a database in less than a second. Small businesses can also take advantage of heating ventilation and air conditioning control from their app just like a homeowner. That can drastically reduce overhead and allow owners to control that large cost with a touch of a button on their phone. The ROI is huge for that piece of it, then you combine lighting control into the mix, and the system pays for itself 100 times over.


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Home Security

All our systems come with a very modern and sleek touchscreen that complements your home decor and enable to the system to be easily manipulated. Its in a form factor that is used to us which makes it simple for both parents and children to be able to arm/disarm, adjust temperatures, or simply turn on a zone of lighting. We always assess your needs prior to recommending a new system. So if its just video surveillance, or an entire bells & whistles automation system, you will get that professional opinion and recommendation. With so many options, its important to get the most crucial to protect your home or business first. Features such as alarm, carbon monoxide, and smoke detection are life safety for your home. In a commercial business, alarm and cameras are a necessity for both employee safety and customer safety, while also protecting your investment. Wireless security cameras and WiFi security cameras have become very popular in the home security market. Something to think about is the security with these devices as well as the protection you have with a self-installed system versus a professionally installed DIY system. The great thing is we can help you either way you decide to go, and you are never left without a partner to secure your home while you are away.


DIY is a very popular route right now, because with brands like Wyze, EufyCam, Arlo, and Lorex you are able to simply set up a security system quickly and view on your iOS or Android device. But you don’t have to be forced to install them yourself, as we are now offering professional install for your store bought security system. You get the best of both worlds, low cost on a DIY-type security camera system and a clean professional installation with very little added cost. We are also offering monthly protection maintenance plans on any system we install, so you have the piece of mind that if something happens, you can get service when you need it. We’ve been getting many requests for solar powered cameras for remote sites such as farms, parking lots, or vacant properties that don’t yet have electricity. There are many off the shelf type products that are plug and play to be able to fill that requirement and get you protected quickly. We are able to source those security cameras for you as well as provide a full install and service and support. You don’t want to be left installing yourself and servicing it if something happens, leave it to the pros!

Security Assessment - (844) 943-2435

With a security assessment we can lay out an entire action plan for you to ensure you are getting the most out of the technology currently available in the marketplace. For a business owner, you have to have the leg up on your competition or you will be left behind. If your competitors are fully automated and saving money and able to be more agile, they will be more profitable and able to reduce the price of their goods and services, leaving you in the dust. We always customize a solution for you, so no need to worry if your business is a bit different than the rest! We work with marijuana farms, local small business owners, and large corporations alike. No matter the industry, we can get you protected. So if its a large outdoor open area or a small shop we install a system in that environment to ensure 100% results & satisfaction.
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Our Promise

We take your home and business seriously. Not only is electronic security important, but also knowing how to use the system properly to protect your employees, assets, and family. In case of an emergency, such as seeking an area of refuge, you want to be knowledgeable in a state of panic. We work with partners that can provide training for active shooter situations or install a fire alarm. Your safety is important so we ensure you have the resources you need, when you need it most.​Learning a new system can sometimes be difficult. A new phone app, new alarm code, and new login credentials can be overwhelming so we make it easy by providing you your ADT login/Pulse login at the time of installation. Self-management of the alarm system is important to set up the automations and alerts. Alarm detection systems are the core of our business, and lets face it thats where the technology initially began. But security cameras have really overtaken in terms of popularity. They have become very economical off the shelf with DIY solutions, but we find most customers prefer a professional installation that is backed by a service warranty for potential repairs and service calls. Installing it yourself often leads to not getting the best possible solution but also leaving yourself vulnerable to hacks and vulnerability